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Monday, May 17, 2004

OK, I have been gone for a while. Short excuse: I became a father on Monday April 5. Longer version: I found myself in a race with MB (emby = embryo; my nickname has stuck, to the chagrin of my inamorata's mother, but we have tried not to refer to him that way recently). Saturday morning, nine days before he was born, I was just putting the second coat of white on the walls of his nursery, and Saturday late afternoon I put the third. Then, on Sunday before noon Mass, I taped around the trim, and painted the trim. Sunday afternoon, I painted the doors, and Sunday evening my inamorata's brother helped me move the furniture back in after WEEKS of having to edge around furniture piled in the alls, and beds stacked against walls. Monday, the crib and changing table arrived, and Monday night, I scraped the paint off two of the windows. Wednesday night, I attacked the third window. Then on Thursday, my inamorata put up the window treatments, and all seemed picture-perfect, but I could not get the entire image into my viewfinder. My inamorata had her last Doctor's appointment Thursday morning, and all seemed well, we checked into the hospital (ahh, bellhop?), Sunday night, trying to time things for Monday morning, April 5, which has been our due date all along. That way we started with the A-Team and they could still be done by sundown on Monday, Passover.

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