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Monday, January 12, 2004

We saw the Eagles advance to the NFC Championship game with a thrilling victory over the Packers. My inamorata got invited to a skybox, and we took the Broad Street Subway Line with some rather boisterous fans, walked passed Kate Smith, and a guy receiving medical treatment (my guess, he was atop his vehicle and fell off), breathed a sigh of relief when we entered relative calm of the box area, and enjoyed one of the most exciting games I ever saw in relative warmth. I say relative because the daughter of the guy with the box kept cracking open the window to better experience the full-throated fans, and the rear door kept getting opened (by the waitresses, the fans in the box sneaking out for a smoke, by a trio of cheerleaders entering to warm up, and during the overtime, the guards who kept the sky box section secure basically just camped out in our box), but I was pretty comfortable. On the return subway ride, a true gentleman who offered my inamorata his seat, redeeming all of humanity, or at least the typical Eagles fan.

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