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Sunday, May 25, 2003

The rest of the week progressed well. I became our group's designated presenter, and I managed to walk to and from the hotel between all the rainstorms. And on my way back to the hotel, after the rainstorms ended, somebody in a van leaned out and asked if I needed a lift. Second time it happened to me this week. I guess he assumed that a pedestrian is somebody with car trouble, because I was the only pedestrian, despite the good sidewalks. Also, I heard from my manager. AMS is planning a "resource action", but I will be spared this round. On Friday, the weather broke, and we saw the sun for the first time. Passed the first of the IBM certification examinations, and was able to get to ATL well before my scheduled flight. Delta no longer offers standby, but does offer confirmed same-day departure changes, for $25. Well worth it to depart at 5:05 instead of 8:00, but I wanted to make sure the flight was on time. Sure enough it was, so I went though security, without my belt as planned, and without my shoes on, as recommended by the TSA folks, and got to my gate in the nick of time. Of course, by the time I got there, it was showing an hour late, because of bad weather in Philadelphia. Must be the scattered showers forecast in the McPaper.

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