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Friday, April 11, 2003

In today's New York Times, Eason Jordan, chief news executive at CNN, admits to a dozen years of cover-ups masquerading as news coverage. It might be fair to argue (and I hope Fox does) that these omissions render CNN's coverage a lie insofar as its viewers would be led to scoff at Bush's fair characterisation of the Iraqi regime as evil. I suppose that you can at least credit Mr. Jordan for having the courage to finally come clean, but I do not detect a hint of an apology. Contrast his tone with the tone of yesterday's NYT demand that the military apologise for the "American fire [which] killed three journalists". First, the BBC reports that US fire might not have been responsible, and the Guardian recounts how difficult it is to be certain of this and other details (unless you write for the NYT, of course). Second, what are the odds that the NYT will be equally shrill demanding an apology from their fellow journalists who deliberately misled the world for a dozen years?

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