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Friday, April 11, 2003

Have you heard the story of the two overexcited dogs, one British and one American? The British dog, belonging to the daughter of the Queen of England, takes it upon itself to attack and bite two children playing in the Windsor Great Park. The American animal, a trained police dog, also bites two members of the public in a fit of canine irrational exuberance. But in the American case, the bitten individuals are burglars who have just been apprehended and, at the time of attack, are handcuffed and lying face-down in the January snow. Both dogs - and their owners - are found guilty of gratuitous biting and compensation is awarded to the victims. In the case of the British children, this amounts to £250 each. The American criminals receive more than $3 million. The moral of the story is plain enough: if you're going to get bitten by a dog, make damn sure it happens in the States.

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