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Sunday, March 30, 2003

Last night my inamorata and I had a date at La Viola. Good food, great date. Glad we got a chance to go out, because, like the coalition, progress on repainting our powder room has been slower than I would have anticipated. But, maybe like the boy wonders at the Pentagon, I am getting an education. Saturday we bought materials, and I began taping, finishing just in time for us to go out on Saturday night. Sunday, we started by removing the old vinyl wallpaper trim around the top border. My inamorata did most of the hard work, but I made such a mess that I had to re-tape, so all I got to paint was the ceiling and some of the walls (around the window, down the edges, in corners, etc.) with a brush. Monday night, I hope to tape the ceiling, try the roller on the walls. It seems as if in a small powder room, you spend less than 10% of your time actually painting.

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