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Monday, February 24, 2003

Saturday, whilst my inamorata was having her hair and nails cut, I got my new library card, and on the walk back I stopped off at the market, and noticed that whole chickens, California broccoli, and Yukon gold potatoes were on sale. The cheapest man in America could not resist, and bought all three, and got out her "Joy of Cooking", the updated edition of my mother's American cookbook and commenced to roasting the chicken with potatoes and assembling the broccoli for steaming. All was looking fine, until I took the remaining potatoes down to our basement. At least a quarter inch of water, and I could see that water flowing towards the deepest areas. With the wet-dry vac, I was barely keeping up, but I did not dare to go upstairs, and was afraid the chicken would turn in to a lump of coal, but my inamorata returned in time. When the rain let up, we had a lovely lunch, and then in late afternoon, the seepage almost stopped, in time to enjoy meeting some friends at Vivo Enoteca. Not too bad. Sunday, we enjoyed a family visit and dinner and finally got around to seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which we had rented on Friday night. Sometimes I think video rental places make as much on overdue fines than on the rentals themselves. But, I was wrong, at least for Blockbuster. According to Forbes, late fees have accounted for only 19% of the company's revenue in the past.

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