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Thursday, September 19, 2002

On Wednesday night, I discovered that the Embassy Suites gym was even more pitiful than I had remembered, so I went out for a jog in the perfect September twilight. It was my first jog since I gave it up after battling plantar fasciitis more than three years ago. Only a couple of very slow miles, and I think I will be remembering this for a few days. Then the end of Ed (a repeat). Ed thinks Dennis is going to propose to Carol at a fancy French restaurant (actually Dennis was only going to ask Carol to go on a summer trip together). Ed's buddy (Johns Hopkins Medical School) wakes him up to the fact that he lost Carol because he did not seize the opportunity the way Dennis did. In a parallel plot, Warren Cheswick (the nerd) blows his chance with the nerdy girl he finally realises is for him, and the fat guy makes progress. And finally, the season premier of The Sopranos (a guilty pleasure) before crashing. Thursday morning I slept a bit better and later (maybe thanks to the jog), but my knees are a bit wobbly.

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