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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

It was cooler and almost dark this morning on the way to my 0651, which I made easily. The train arrived on time, but departed the station a few minutes late. Much more crowded than it had been this summer, and the guy next to me was gently snoring in his window seat in the middle of a middle car. Funny, BWI at 0830 felt cooler than Philadelphia at 0630. Maybe being outside the city, or a strange weather pattern. Because it turns out that the hotel next to our office is not on our preferred list, I will be staying in Baltimore. In the old days, I would have just done what was right (and a two minute walk sounds right to me), and felt comfortable that I could justify myself, but now I will not be following the advice of our marketing types, who advise me to just continue staying there as nobody has ever had a problem before. So, it will be tough for me to show up at a ridiculous hour this week.

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