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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Sunday, my inamorata and I had a lovely brunch at Spring Mill Cafe. She had lamb and I had scallops, and we shared a goat cheese salad, mousse au chocolat and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Monday was a pretty busy day (and the rest of the week looks the same), so when I got back to my apartment, while doing laundry, and cheering up (or bothering?) the troops, I ran a couple of numbers. HP in the summer of 2000 was thinking of paying $18B in $120 stock for our consulting practice. Now, HP stock is around $12 per share, so their offer would only be worth $1.8B. Maybe they do not look so smart to have passed us up after all? After all, our value has held up better than theirs. Of course, their financials still would have looked ugly with the impairment charge.

The summer heat has broken. It seemed a bit cooler on the walk home from the office last night, and we got only a little rain, but my A/C worked quickly, so I was able to turn it off, sleep reasonably well (even briefly woke in the middle of the night cool enough to pull up a sheet), woke early (alas to my alarm) and made the 0651 Metroliner without trying hard.
Like the typical Acela Express, it was a bit late.

I was able to sneak out for a quick bite and some welcome fresh, perfect-for-summer air and checked into my usual Grand Hyatt with no issues, but they are STILL renovating the concierge floor, but they promise it will be great (Italian marble is on their script) when it is completed.

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