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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Did laundry Monday night with no disasters (a red tee-shirt had been trouble the last time I washed it), and fell asleep easily, only waking once to turn off my A/C as my bedroom was getting too chilly. Woke (to my alarm, alas), at 0500, and easily made the 0651, which was running about 5-10 minutes late. Philadelphia got some rain Tuesday morning (I was surprised when the radio announcer mentioned rain), and DC was pleasantly hot and dry. Checked into the Park Hyatt with no issues, and went out for Indian food. Ate too much (of course), and three people is the wrong number for a semi-mandatory dinner, because they are tempted (blaming the waiter) to finish two bottles of California Cabernet. Still, I slept reasonably well.

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